Erase Cookies, History and Temp Files Automatically on Browser Exit (Chrome)

Erase Cookies, History and Temp Files Automatically on Browser Exit (Chrome)

Maintaining security and privacy while working on internet is very important and this is why we have erasing/deleting browser data in each browser as this helps in running a problem free computer and browser. The feature is almost present in every browser and one should delete this data periodically but we are so busy in our daily work that we always forget to do so, isn’t it?

In Chrome too we can manually click the option from the Tools menu and delete the data starting any point of time. It also allows us to select what data we need to remove. But the problem here with Chrome is that there is no option of deleting the data automatically each time the browser is closed. To rescue this situation we have found an extension that will help.

The extension is called Click&Clean which, other than deleting the temp files, history, cookies and other things automatically can delete system useless data (like Recycle Bin data, recently opened files) every time the Chrome browser is exited. Here is a list of features that you will get with this extension:

  • Scan your PC for Malware
  • Delete your browsing history
  • Remove download history
  • Erase temporary files
  • Clear cookies and Empty cache
  • Delete client-side Web SQL Databases
  • Remove Flash Cookies (LSOs)
  • Protect your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your internet activity
  • Clean up your hard drives and Free up more disk space, icluding secure file deletion using external applications, like CCleaner or Wise Disk Cleaner
  • Watch flash videos offline, without being connected to the Internet!
  • Moreover if you wish to deliberately keep some of this data like the cookies or data for some of your favorite website, then this can be done too. You just need to add the website to the whitelist and this data will not be deleted with others.
    This extension works well on Chrome on Windows.

    Download Click&Clean


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