Password Protect your txt Notepad Files with NoteBook

Since the launch of Windows, there has been one tool that has been there always, yes its Notepad. Despite its simple design and lack of formatting options, it has remained the same it was over the years. There are multiple uses of notepad especially its basic design, like it is used to take quick notes and for me, it is used to remove formatting from various texts.

I have shared some tools that can be used as notepad replacements as those are rich in features and provide other things like formatting but today I am sharing another feature that it lacks. For all those who are missing password protection feature from text files, here is an application called NoteBook that can help you.

NoteBook is a Windows Notepad like application with some enhanced features. It has a feature of saving the text files in PPTF (Password Protected Text Files) format making it a password protected notepad like application. Although you can protect your data in other formats like MS Word doc, but for easy access you can use NoteBook too.

Note: As per the developer of the tool, NoteBook is not very strong but it is good for those who are not into hacking like your office colleagues or family members. Thus it is better to not to encrypt the highly confidential data.

The tool is very similar to the Windows Notepad but with some basic functionalities like text formatting, font colors and autosave. By default the text file saved with NoteBook is allotted the password 12345, so when you wish to save your own password, provide the old password as 12345. To provide the file a password, go to Tools and click Change Password.

This application also has a feature of auto-save. That means that if you first save a file manually and then switch on the auto-save feature, your file will automatically be saved after a regular time gap of 5 seconds.

To try NoteBook, download it from the link below.

Download NoteBook


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