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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Convert your MS Word Documents into Audio Files with AudioDocs

There are situations when you are tired of working and don’t feel like seeing or reading some document or say you are narrating some novel to someone, then why do it manually when it can be done automatically? Whatever is the situation you can make your word documents hearable by converting the entire document into an audio file by using the text to speech conversion technology.

There are many tools that can read out the text to you but with this tool called AudioDocs you can not only get the text narrated but also convert the entire word document into an audio file so that you can carry it too with you wherever you go. The tool is free and really simple to use and works great in the conversion process too.There are situations when you are tired of working and don’t feel like seeing or reading some document or say you are narrating some novel to someone, then why do it manually when it can be done automatically? Whatever is the situation you can make your word documents hearable by converting the entire document into an audio file by using the text to speech conversion technology.

There are many tools that can read out the text to you but with this tool called AudioDocs you can not only get the text narrated but also convert the entire word document into an audio file so that you can carry it too with you wherever you go. The tool is free and really simple to use and works great in the conversion process too.

AudioDocs is an open source sourceforge product that can create documents which you can actually hear. The tool has decent and minimal interface that can be used by anyone easily. All this tool has is a “MS Word to AudioDoc button” clicking on which pops up a dialog box which you can set as per you and the document.

The box (as shown above) has some fields like File name which you need to browse and add the doc file, TTS Voice which is used to select the voice option, Speaking rate which is used to set the pace of the audio and the last as Volume which can be set later on too. So when you are done configuring all the options, just click the Create AudioDoc button and after the successful message box, the file would get generated.

The audio file converted is in .wav format which is not compressed thus, is large in size. Although the file is played in all music players and without any errors, I think the developer should provide an option to convert the file into .mp3 format too.

If you liked the tool then download it from the location below.

Download AudioDocs

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Replace Google Logo with your Personal Favorite Google Doodle(chrome users)

We see some cool Google Doodles while searching something on Google frequently. The most recent doodle I saw on Google was on the Earth Day and it was a good way to learn how our earth reacts to different temperatures and climates. Google had been sharing new and cool doodles on every special day whether it is birthday or anniversary of some famous person, some event or some incident in the past, Google has doodle for every occasion.

Doodle is also a good way to learn more about these incidents, as it lets you read more about the day when you click on the doodle itself. Although most of the doodles stay not more than a day, it is a great way to gain the attention of the users and spread awareness. There have been many times that I have liked some doodle and wanted it to stay there for some more time. How many times did it happen to you?


Well if you have also wanted some doodle to stay back for longer than a day then here is a way by which you can actually replace the default Google logo with the doodle of your choice and keep it as long as you want. However this method is only for the Chrome users as this is done by using the Chrome extension called as Favorite Doodle. Favorite Doodle is a Chrome extension that replaces the logo on the Google homepage and search results page with your personal favorite Google Doodle but that does not mean you won’t see the new doodles as and when they are published by Google.

After installing the extension, just visit the google homepage, click on the Google logo which will open the doodle gallery (you can manually search for doodles also). Below the doodles you will see an option to set it as your favorite (a few doodles are intentionally missing the favorite button due to licensing restrictions).

You can download the extension from the link below.

Download Favorite Doodle

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Automatically Send Message Alerts to Selected Contacts when Phone Battery Low

We all like to use our cell phones for various things like internet, watching videos, playing games and using other apps but this activity results in huge battery consumption leaving us with no other option but to recharge the cell phone battery. Nobody likes recharging the battery again and again but this problem worsens when we have only little battery power left and we are in middle of some important conversation.

What would you do if you have only little battery left, not even enough to alert the other person that your phone is going to die out of battery? Well here is an application right for this scenario. The application is known as Last Message and can be used to notify the other person (or those selected by you) that you are currently running out of battery and that too automatically whenever your phone battery reaches some specified power.

The application is very simple to use, you just need to set your text message which shall be delivered to the other people, whom to deliver and how to deliver. You can choose any person from your contacts list or even many of them to know about your phone status. The application lets you send out text message, email, facebook update and a twitter message whenever the battery percentage is low.

You just need to download and install the app on your Android phone, configure the settings for some options, and have it running in the background. If you feel you don’t need the app to be run always, then you can also set the schedule run of the app. The app also displays the stats of the usage, that is, how is your battery usage, last recharge, power available time and all.

In my view, the app is really useful for a person who is using a phone that is mostly out of battery or for someone who is required to travel a lot. You can watch a video on the app by visiting the link below.

Download Last Message

Friday, March 29, 2013

Design static look of your blog in the way way u want..

As I am using blog since two year. I was not satisfied until I can see ma blog in that way as I want. But today I can design the static look of ma blog using blogger and its possible because of gadget named HTML/javascript.

I have designed the slider which is on ma another site but to make ma blog attractive. I must use that slider on blog,but small mistakes made me scratch my head. Finally I got the solution.

One can put their creativity by embedding the design into blog the following steps will help to get the concept very clear.

1) First thing to choose your theme and then adjust it as you want taking help of template designer.

2) Second choose the gadget option which will be on template page.

3) You will get lots of gadgets over there pick HTML/javascript gadget from basic gadgets.

4) In pop up window you will see the title field and below it paste the code which will be reflect on your blog's static design

5) To embed the previous code use the iframe tag,which has lots of option to play with it.

6) And very last Save it.Don't forget to click on Save arrangement button

Happy blogging

Monday, March 25, 2013

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Conversations from iPhone and Android

WhatsApp has become so popular that most people use this as their communication media instead of sending a regular text. Moreover since the regular text messages are not free for everyone, and because of the advantages WhatsApp has, no wonder it is liked by almost everyone.

Most of my friends are also on WhatsApp to whom I chat regularly. Sometimes it happens we accidentally delete our conversations from WhatsApp or may be at will but later realize that we need those deleted messages. What shall you do in that case? Well here is a free online utility to help you out.

With this utility called Recover Messages, you can easily recover deleted WhatsApp conversations from your iPhone or an Android phone. Even if your conversation got the photos, it can recover those easily too. You just need to perform certain steps to be able to get those back.

1. To get the messages back, we first need the database file which has everything stored in it. If you using an Android phone, then you can get it here /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt
2. iPhone users can find it here net.whatsapp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite (You can use an iPhone Backup Tool to get the file, e.g. I-Twin or iPhone Backup Extractor. Make sure to create an unencrypted backup with Itunes, as these tools can’t handle encrypted backups)
3. Now when you have found your WhatsApp DBs you just need to visit the RecoverMessages website, browse for this file and click Scan.

If you are not able to help yourself with the steps above, then may be WhatsApp default process can. For this, you need to uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp messenger on your phone and select the option of Restore Message History at installation. Do read here first before performing this step as if you didn’t have the Backup Chat option enabled, there are chances you don’t have a backup.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Password Protect your txt Notepad Files with NoteBook

Since the launch of Windows, there has been one tool that has been there always, yes its Notepad. Despite its simple design and lack of formatting options, it has remained the same it was over the years. There are multiple uses of notepad especially its basic design, like it is used to take quick notes and for me, it is used to remove formatting from various texts.

I have shared some tools that can be used as notepad replacements as those are rich in features and provide other things like formatting but today I am sharing another feature that it lacks. For all those who are missing password protection feature from text files, here is an application called NoteBook that can help you.

NoteBook is a Windows Notepad like application with some enhanced features. It has a feature of saving the text files in PPTF (Password Protected Text Files) format making it a password protected notepad like application. Although you can protect your data in other formats like MS Word doc, but for easy access you can use NoteBook too.

Note: As per the developer of the tool, NoteBook is not very strong but it is good for those who are not into hacking like your office colleagues or family members. Thus it is better to not to encrypt the highly confidential data.

The tool is very similar to the Windows Notepad but with some basic functionalities like text formatting, font colors and autosave. By default the text file saved with NoteBook is allotted the password 12345, so when you wish to save your own password, provide the old password as 12345. To provide the file a password, go to Tools and click Change Password.

This application also has a feature of auto-save. That means that if you first save a file manually and then switch on the auto-save feature, your file will automatically be saved after a regular time gap of 5 seconds.

To try NoteBook, download it from the link below.

Download NoteBook

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Floating YouTube Popup Video for android mobile

Floating Window Popup Video player works really great and is so helpful that using this feature you don’t have to stop or interrupt your video playback in case you need to access other phone features like messages, emails, facebook or other things.

Imagine you are watching some video on youtube and suddenly a watsapp message comes up, you will have to stop the playback to be able to reply to it. Well with this floating window popup video feature, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite video while replying.

This feature is available in Samsung Note 2 by default but if you are using some other phone that does not have this feature, then here is an app right for you called as Floating YouTube Popup Video. After installing this app in your Android phone, you can also enable this feature. However please note that this app works great on quad core phones, and might show some incompatibility with some models.

Steps to use this app:
1. Launch Android’s YouTube App
2. Navigate to the Video you want to Play in YouTube
3. While in the YouTube app, Select Menu, then Options and then Share
4. Select Floating YouTube Popup Player
5. Enjoy Watching the Movie in the fully interactive Video Player.

This app is easy to use and you can use it similarly as the one in Note 2, by resizing it or moving it on the screen. The player also has the full audio control just as before. To try this app for free, you can visit the following location on Google Play.

Download Floating YouTube Popup Video

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Government of India
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Training Schools

Invite Fresh, Dynamic Engineering Graduates
to a stimulating world where
cutting edge technology and patriotism are in harmony
where you can pursue basic & applied research in engineering domains such as
nuclear reactor engineering, nanotechnology, CFD, fuel cells, control & instrumentation,
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cryptography, RF electronics, physical protection & security, magnetic suspension,
structural engineering, high temperature materials....
What we offer:
Excellent working ambience to see your innovative ideas go alive
Unlimited opportunities for higher studies
Career progression up to the highest echelons
Attractive incentive pays and medical/housing benefits
Benefits of Group A Gazetted Post of Government of India
Screening through: GATE 2013
or Online Objective Test (to be held in last week of April 2013)
Last date of application: April 03, 2013
For details & online application, visit:



Saturday, March 16, 2013

Facebook Build 141046 in Notification bar?

Facebook Build 141046 in Notification bar?

1) Go to downloads and find notification under "other" downloads.
2) Click on the other download button.
3) Just push finger on the download green line and hold it there until it turned blue. check marked in the box and push the clear button. It will go away.
Trust worthy solution.....

For any type of android queries...visit

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Encrypt Text and Images into Playable Midi Audio Files

There are times when we need to communicate with someone secretly or send him some confidential write-up or photographs, what do you do in those situations? We normally email or message them up but this is not a safe way of sending our confidential material as there is a risk of hacking always. Moreover if the information comes in contact with some unwanted person, then it won’t be good for us.

In these situations, we should always prefer to encrypt our message and then send but the risk here can be that someone might know how to decrypt it or catches the password linked with it (too low probability though). We have some cool tool called CipherTune today. What this tool does is it encrypts your text and images into .midi audio files that can be actually played on the devices.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that even if it comes into contact with someone unauthorized, he or she might not be able to figure it out that it is not actually an audio file but contains some confidential information. Thus your information appears to be something else, isn’t it cool?

Using the tool is very easy, you just need to run it and select either Encryption or Decryption. To encrypt select the Encryption tab, and if it is a text to be ciphered, then select the Text tab. Paste your text in the box below, and choose the midi file options on the right like tempo speed, password and instrument sound etc. When done, click the Save CipherTune.mid button and save it on your desktop. Image encryption is also similar as we need to select an image instead of the text here.

Now you can send this midi file to the authorized person but do remember to send the password separately like as a mobile text. To decrypt just select the Decryption tab on top and browse for the midi file. When you provide the correct password the text and the image will appear on the left side of the tool. From here you can save the text to some text file by clicking the Save Decrypted File button below.

Download CipherTune

The tool CipherTune is free to use and works great on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Backup WordPress Automatically to any Location

Backup WordPress Automatically to any Location

With increasing insecurities day by day, no website is safe. Imagine you logging into your site to see some creepy message, that time it would be the backup that you will need the maximum and in case you forgot to backup this time, then all the progress made over the last backup will be gone.

Backup is one thing that can save any website and the webmaster’s hard work. But the problem with them can be, they may find taking the manual backup very boring and tedious. I know many people who are looking for a good automatic backup service that can automatically backup their blog to some central or local location.   

If you are a WordPress user, then here is a useful plugin that will help you a lot in taking the automatic backups of your blog. What’s more you just need to schedule the backup on your website and the content will be backed up to the specified location automatically. It will then provide you with the backup logs too.

The plugin is called BackWPup, and is used globally to backup the wordpress blogs automatically to any location. You can select the target location as per you and if you wish to save the data centrally then Dropbox is not a bad option. The plugin can backup your entire wordpress directory including the wp-content directory which is where most of the data resides.

BackWPup can also optimize database, check and repair it, compress and uncompress the DB, store backup to FTP server, dropbox and can also notify you with the backup status. So if you are someone who don’t like to manually backup your installation, then this plugin is right for you. You can try it at the link below.

Download BackWPup

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pause or Stop Gmail from Receiving Incoming Emails

Pause or Stop Gmail from Receiving Incoming Emails

Email is, no doubt, the best way to mail someone without involving any physical transfers of letters or the transportation. But over the years our inbox had been controlled by others. Whenever someone wished to send us an email, our inbox received it. I always wanted some feature that allowed us to enable or disable receiving the emails.
Imagine you are on some vacation with family, and you receive some email from office. I am sure you won’t like that and you will have to go on and read the email. Wouldn’t you find it helpful if there had been some plug-in or some tool that can enable us to stop or pause the incoming emails on our will and as long as we wanted, still letting the email senders know that we haven’t read the email?
Well, if you are a Chrome or Firefox user, then here is an extension right for you called Inbox Pause. As the name of this add-on/extension suggests, it is a plug-in for your browser installing which puts a Pause/Unpause button right besides the Gmail Mail dropdown. If you click the Pause button, then your inbox will go into a paused state that means you will no longer receive an email, and the senders will be notified with the custom message that you will put (this will notify them that you have not currently read the email and the replies will be delayed).
You don’t need to worry about the incoming emails, as they will be temporarily stored with “paused” label and will not be shown to you until you unpause the inbox back. Also you will see a message on the email header that you have currently Paused the inbox and need to Unpause it back to read the received emails.
The service is so interesting that it protects you from receiving emails whenever you don’t want, still letting know your email senders about the email status. You can set a custom message on the auto-responder mentioning that you have currently paused your inbox, and cant read the emails. Also ask them to call you on your cell if it is urgent.
Although it uses the same concept as the out-of-office service, but is easier to use.
You can download the extension by visiting the link below.
Download Inbox Pause

How it works

1. INBOX PAUSE adds a pause button to your Gmail. Inbox Pause Button
2. When you click that button, new messages will stop arriving in your Inbox.
  • They will be held in a special label until you are ready for them.
  • If you choose, INBOX PAUSE can notify the people who email you to let them know that their message will not be delivered to your Inbox.
  • While your Inbox is paused, you'll see a banner at the top of your Gmail window like this:
It's paused message
3.When you unpause your Inbox, all of the messages that you received during the break will be moved  to    your Inbox, and new messages will arrive as before.Inbox Pause Button

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fix Windows is Not Genuine Message in Windows 7

Fix Windows is Not Genuine Message in Windows 7

We know how it feels when you are prompted by this “Windows is not Genuine” message every time you boot up your system. Though Windows is easily available today, not everyone wish to pay for this and thus uses the pirated copy of Windows OS.

Note: We do not encourage piracy and advise our viewers to use genuine software only.

Earlier we have also written about the “Windows Software Counterfeiting” problem and posted the solution using the RemoveWGA tool, which you can read here. “Windows is not genuine”, is a different problem than this and thus here is the solution below.


1. Solving this problem is very easy and can be done by using a simple tool called RemoveWAT.
2. What you all have to do is, just download this tool from the link below (in case this link is not working you can search the net for this tool with the same name).
3. Extract the archive and double click the tool to run it.

4. You will see couple of options listed, just click on the “Remove WAT” button and it will start working on the problem automatically.
When the problem has been fixed, your system will be required to reboot. You will see that after the reboot your problem has been fixed and you will no longer see the “Windows is not genuine” watermark at the bottom right of your screen.
Now you can use the system as original and also set the wallpaper and themes which you were not able to, earlier.

Download RemoveWAT

Why not all Applications are Portable and require Installation?

Why not all Applications are Portable and require Installation?

We need more and different kinds of programs and applications in our systems. Installing these applications also helps us in our several situations. Whenever I come across a new program, I first check its size and the space taken after installation.

Today we also have the option of going for the no-installation programs called as Portable Apps. These portable applications are so easy to use and carry that we just need to take them with us and use them anywhere on any computer. Then the question that came to my mind is If using the portable apps is possible and easy, then why not every application is portable and why do they require installation?

With Windows came the concept of config.ini files which are nothing just the configuration files of the tools having information about the program. But managing these files was somewhat difficult, thus came Registry which replaced the config files. Now the configuration settings of the programs were stored at the same place called as Registry. But not all programs removed the registry when they were removed from the system.

But I guess the idea is to keep the entire configuration files of the tools at the same place, their other dependent files at other and the user data at some other location. Also creating a portable app of a tool has its own disadvantage. If an application is huge like the MS Office or the iTunes, then running the portable version of the app will slow down the system and also result in slow startup. Moreover the portable app with all its config files at a single place (called the portable app) will consume lot of space.

Thus to get instant startups we have some programs that still require those horrible installation procedures. What do you think?

Stay tuned by Email