Disable/Lock Mouse and Keyboard to Prevent Unauthorized Access

When you are watching some movie with your children or say, showing something on computer with your children, the most common problem is, they banging your keyboard. This is the same everywhere and for this reason some systems have started coming with a new feature of disabling the Mouse and Keyboard.

My laptop also have a mouse touchpad disabling button but not for the keyboard. So if you also wish to disable or lock the mouse or keyboard of your system to prevent your children from playing with the system while there is some important program already running on it, then you can also do this using this free tool called KeyFreeze.

KeyFreeze is a freeware app that is designed specifically to lock and disable the mouse and keyboard of your computer, without locking your computer screen so that what is running in the system keeps running. This is extremely helpful in cases when you don’t want the program to be disturbed by anyone and you need to get off the computer for some work.

So whether you are downloading some file or just need to prevent any unauthorized access to your system, KeyFreeze will help you. After running this program, you just need to enable the lock to keep the input modes of your computer disabled. However if you press Ctrl + Alt + Del, the Mouse and Keyboard will start working again.

The tool is portable and thus requires no installation. It is free and can be used on Windows.

Download KeyFreeze


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