Replace Google Logo with your Personal Favorite Google Doodle(chrome users)

We see some cool Google Doodles while searching something on Google frequently. The most recent doodle I saw on Google was on the Earth Day and it was a good way to learn how our earth reacts to different temperatures and climates. Google had been sharing new and cool doodles on every special day whether it is birthday or anniversary of some famous person, some event or some incident in the past, Google has doodle for every occasion.

Doodle is also a good way to learn more about these incidents, as it lets you read more about the day when you click on the doodle itself. Although most of the doodles stay not more than a day, it is a great way to gain the attention of the users and spread awareness. There have been many times that I have liked some doodle and wanted it to stay there for some more time. How many times did it happen to you?


Well if you have also wanted some doodle to stay back for longer than a day then here is a way by which you can actually replace the default Google logo with the doodle of your choice and keep it as long as you want. However this method is only for the Chrome users as this is done by using the Chrome extension called as Favorite Doodle. Favorite Doodle is a Chrome extension that replaces the logo on the Google homepage and search results page with your personal favorite Google Doodle but that does not mean you won’t see the new doodles as and when they are published by Google.

After installing the extension, just visit the google homepage, click on the Google logo which will open the doodle gallery (you can manually search for doodles also). Below the doodles you will see an option to set it as your favorite (a few doodles are intentionally missing the favorite button due to licensing restrictions).

You can download the extension from the link below.

Download Favorite Doodle


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