Automatically Expand Abbreviations with Abbrex in Firefox and Chrome

Automatically Expand Abbreviations with Abbrex in Firefox and Chrome

In today’s world, the communication has become little complex than it was with the use of short and abbreviated words. Whether it is while texting some message to your friend or while reading any page over internet, you come across abbreviated words a lot these days.

It would not be wrong if I say that abbreviations makes it easier for people to write long sentences and save time but at the same time it can be quite difficult for the person on the other hand, reading them (if he is not aware of the meanings and full form of those words). If you are some person who likes to spend time on internet on reading pages then I am sure you must be requiring some tool that can automatically expand the abbreviated words for you.

Well here is some good news for both the Firefox and Chrome users. Abbrex has created some add-on for this purpose for both these browsers. The extension is called Abbrex and is a type of abbreviation expander which will automatically expand any abbreviation or acronym for you on the internet. What you need to do is just hover your mouse over the abbreviation and the expanded form will be provided to you instantly in a tool tip (like a bubble).

After you install the addon to the browser, you will see it in the menu bar on top. So whenever you come across any unknown abbreviation on web next time, just click this extension which will highlight all the abbreviations for you hovering which will show you the expanded forms.

It is a must have extension for both Firefox and Chrome users which will help you when you are struck and don’t the meaning of the abbreviation before you.

Download Abbrex for Firefox
Download Abbrex for Chrome


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