Automatically Send Message Alerts to Selected Contacts when Phone Battery Low

We all like to use our cell phones for various things like internet, watching videos, playing games and using other apps but this activity results in huge battery consumption leaving us with no other option but to recharge the cell phone battery. Nobody likes recharging the battery again and again but this problem worsens when we have only little battery power left and we are in middle of some important conversation.

What would you do if you have only little battery left, not even enough to alert the other person that your phone is going to die out of battery? Well here is an application right for this scenario. The application is known as Last Message and can be used to notify the other person (or those selected by you) that you are currently running out of battery and that too automatically whenever your phone battery reaches some specified power.

The application is very simple to use, you just need to set your text message which shall be delivered to the other people, whom to deliver and how to deliver. You can choose any person from your contacts list or even many of them to know about your phone status. The application lets you send out text message, email, facebook update and a twitter message whenever the battery percentage is low.

You just need to download and install the app on your Android phone, configure the settings for some options, and have it running in the background. If you feel you don’t need the app to be run always, then you can also set the schedule run of the app. The app also displays the stats of the usage, that is, how is your battery usage, last recharge, power available time and all.

In my view, the app is really useful for a person who is using a phone that is mostly out of battery or for someone who is required to travel a lot. You can watch a video on the app by visiting the link below.

Download Last Message


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