Make your Mouse to Click Automatically with Mouse Auto Clicker

If you are some person who is required to click many links in a day then I can imagine how boring or painful it can be, doing the same thing again and again and over the day. One of our readers was also bored up clicking more than 1000 links in a day and as he is required to do the same thing daily, a Mouse Auto Clicker is what he needs.
Mouse Auto Clicker is a program that makes the mouse clicks automatically for you and after the regular time intervals set by you in the tool. Moreover you can also decide how many times the mouse should click and after how much duration. I came across two such tools that can automate this task for you, as listed below.
1. Auto Clicker by MurGee
The tool is very simple to use as you just need to download and run this program. Before using the tool, you should set up the configurations so that you can set the program as per your needs. You can configure delay or interval between mouse clicks, can define the number of mouse clicks to be automated, a keyboard Shortcut Key to Start / Stop Mouse Clicking automatically.

So whenever you press the hotkey, the mouse will start clicking automatically thereby giving your finger some rest. You can also set which button (of the mouse) to click automatically. However the program is a shareware and can run free 20 times.

2. GS Auto Clicker (or AutoClick)

This is the same kind of Mouse Auto Clicker as mentioned above which works in the similar way with the advantage that it come free and does not expire. Just download the tool and set the options so that you can use it better and as per your needs.
Both these Mouse Auto Clickers will help you with your work where you are required to click mouse many times or with your gaming and other things. The tools automate the process of clicking the mouse so that your fingers can relax.


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