Execute Commands on Windows with Mouse Gestures

Execute Commands on Windows with Mouse Gestures

Those who like to spend most of the time on internet or work on computer, it might be little tiresome using the mouse and keyboard for every action. Would not you like if there is some program that can help you in using computer by making some gestures on your computer? We all love gestures when it comes to using the cell phone like the pinch feature or the slide feature. I am sure you will enjoy working on your computer if there is something similar on it too.

With the help of this free tool called StrokesPlus, you can do exactly that. StrokesPlus is a completely free mouse gesture recognition utility for Windows which allows you to create powerful mouse gestures that save you time and enables you to work on computer. The tool already has some in-built strokes but you can also create your custom defined gestures and use them on the system.

Using the tool is simple too, you just need to press the right click button, draw some gesture on screen say R. The tool will then recognize the gesture drawn and run the scripts accordingly to take the action and execute the command. The most common actions are maximizing/minimizing windows, navigating back/forward, or automated logging into a certain website.

The tool is available as 32 and 64 bit installers and also as portable versions. If you install the tool in your system then you can make use of the main screen to configure it according to your needs and also to create some gestures. For example, if your right click your mouse and while holding it draw a M, it will mute the system.

Using the tool is helpful and exciting. If you are finding it little difficult to use then you can watch the video posted at the website too. The tool is supported on Windows XP SP2 and higher.

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