Recover Deleted WhatsApp Conversations from iPhone and Android

WhatsApp has become so popular that most people use this as their communication media instead of sending a regular text. Moreover since the regular text messages are not free for everyone, and because of the advantages WhatsApp has, no wonder it is liked by almost everyone.

Most of my friends are also on WhatsApp to whom I chat regularly. Sometimes it happens we accidentally delete our conversations from WhatsApp or may be at will but later realize that we need those deleted messages. What shall you do in that case? Well here is a free online utility to help you out.

With this utility called Recover Messages, you can easily recover deleted WhatsApp conversations from your iPhone or an Android phone. Even if your conversation got the photos, it can recover those easily too. You just need to perform certain steps to be able to get those back.

1. To get the messages back, we first need the database file which has everything stored in it. If you using an Android phone, then you can get it here /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt
2. iPhone users can find it here net.whatsapp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite (You can use an iPhone Backup Tool to get the file, e.g. I-Twin or iPhone Backup Extractor. Make sure to create an unencrypted backup with Itunes, as these tools can’t handle encrypted backups)
3. Now when you have found your WhatsApp DBs you just need to visit the RecoverMessages website, browse for this file and click Scan.

If you are not able to help yourself with the steps above, then may be WhatsApp default process can. For this, you need to uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp messenger on your phone and select the option of Restore Message History at installation. Do read here first before performing this step as if you didn’t have the Backup Chat option enabled, there are chances you don’t have a backup.


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