Backup WordPress Automatically to any Location

Backup WordPress Automatically to any Location

With increasing insecurities day by day, no website is safe. Imagine you logging into your site to see some creepy message, that time it would be the backup that you will need the maximum and in case you forgot to backup this time, then all the progress made over the last backup will be gone.

Backup is one thing that can save any website and the webmaster’s hard work. But the problem with them can be, they may find taking the manual backup very boring and tedious. I know many people who are looking for a good automatic backup service that can automatically backup their blog to some central or local location.   

If you are a WordPress user, then here is a useful plugin that will help you a lot in taking the automatic backups of your blog. What’s more you just need to schedule the backup on your website and the content will be backed up to the specified location automatically. It will then provide you with the backup logs too.

The plugin is called BackWPup, and is used globally to backup the wordpress blogs automatically to any location. You can select the target location as per you and if you wish to save the data centrally then Dropbox is not a bad option. The plugin can backup your entire wordpress directory including the wp-content directory which is where most of the data resides.

BackWPup can also optimize database, check and repair it, compress and uncompress the DB, store backup to FTP server, dropbox and can also notify you with the backup status. So if you are someone who don’t like to manually backup your installation, then this plugin is right for you. You can try it at the link below.

Download BackWPup


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