Floating YouTube Popup Video for android mobile

Floating Window Popup Video player works really great and is so helpful that using this feature you don’t have to stop or interrupt your video playback in case you need to access other phone features like messages, emails, facebook or other things.

Imagine you are watching some video on youtube and suddenly a watsapp message comes up, you will have to stop the playback to be able to reply to it. Well with this floating window popup video feature, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite video while replying.

This feature is available in Samsung Note 2 by default but if you are using some other phone that does not have this feature, then here is an app right for you called as Floating YouTube Popup Video. After installing this app in your Android phone, you can also enable this feature. However please note that this app works great on quad core phones, and might show some incompatibility with some models.

Steps to use this app:
1. Launch Android’s YouTube App
2. Navigate to the Video you want to Play in YouTube
3. While in the YouTube app, Select Menu, then Options and then Share
4. Select Floating YouTube Popup Player
5. Enjoy Watching the Movie in the fully interactive Video Player.

This app is easy to use and you can use it similarly as the one in Note 2, by resizing it or moving it on the screen. The player also has the full audio control just as before. To try this app for free, you can visit the following location on Google Play.

Download Floating YouTube Popup Video


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