Encrypt Text and Images into Playable Midi Audio Files

There are times when we need to communicate with someone secretly or send him some confidential write-up or photographs, what do you do in those situations? We normally email or message them up but this is not a safe way of sending our confidential material as there is a risk of hacking always. Moreover if the information comes in contact with some unwanted person, then it won’t be good for us.

In these situations, we should always prefer to encrypt our message and then send but the risk here can be that someone might know how to decrypt it or catches the password linked with it (too low probability though). We have some cool tool called CipherTune today. What this tool does is it encrypts your text and images into .midi audio files that can be actually played on the devices.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that even if it comes into contact with someone unauthorized, he or she might not be able to figure it out that it is not actually an audio file but contains some confidential information. Thus your information appears to be something else, isn’t it cool?

Using the tool is very easy, you just need to run it and select either Encryption or Decryption. To encrypt select the Encryption tab, and if it is a text to be ciphered, then select the Text tab. Paste your text in the box below, and choose the midi file options on the right like tempo speed, password and instrument sound etc. When done, click the Save CipherTune.mid button and save it on your desktop. Image encryption is also similar as we need to select an image instead of the text here.

Now you can send this midi file to the authorized person but do remember to send the password separately like as a mobile text. To decrypt just select the Decryption tab on top and browse for the midi file. When you provide the correct password the text and the image will appear on the left side of the tool. From here you can save the text to some text file by clicking the Save Decrypted File button below.

Download CipherTune

The tool CipherTune is free to use and works great on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


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